12 Tourist Places in Kodaikanal 2023

Kodaikanal Lake: Embarking on a boat ride across the star-shaped lake, surrounded by the embrace of nature's tranquility. 

Coaker's Walk: Strolling along Coaker's Walk, each step feels like a journey through a canvas of panoramic vistas, painting memories against the backdrop of the Western Ghats. 

Bryant Park: Amidst vibrant blossoms, Bryant Park becomes a living poetry, inviting you to embrace the beauty of nature in its myriad colors.

Pillar Rocks: Standing before the Pillar Rocks, you witness nature's grandeur—a trio of granite sentinels guarding the secrets of the valley below. 

Silver Cascade Falls: The gentle roar of Silver Cascade Falls becomes a soothing melody, a respite where time slows down amidst the lush greenery. 

Kurinji Andavar Temple: In the presence of Lord Murugan, the Kurinji flowers bloom, weaving a tale of devotion and the ephemeral beauty of nature. 

Dolphin's Nose: At Dolphin's Nose, the rocky vista becomes a stage for breathtaking performances by the hills, the sky, and the distant horizon. 

Bear Shola Falls: Hidden in the heart of dense forests, Bear Shola Falls whispers tales of solitude—a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility.

Shembaganur Museum of Natural History: Stepping into the museum, knowledge intertwines with wonder, as the mysteries of Kodaikanal's flora and fauna unfold. 

Pine Forest: Walking through the Pine Forest feels like a journey into serenity, where the tall trees stand as silent guardians of peaceful moments.

Chopta: Uttarakhand’s Serene Secret – A Hidden Heaven 

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