12 places to visit in meghalaya in december 2023

Shillong: Revel in the winter festivities and local warmth in the capital.

Cherrapunjee: Stand in awe of the Nohkalikai Falls, framed by a winter mist.

Mawlynnong: Experience the charm of Asia's cleanest village adorned in winter.

Dawki: Traverse the tranquil Umngot River, crystal-clear in December.

Living Root Bridges: Trek through nature's wonders, wrapped in winter hues.

Balpakram National Park: Explore the wildlife sanctuary, calm in its winter slumber.

Jowai: Discover Thadlaskein Lake's beauty and the mysteries of ancient caves.

Nongriat Village: Journey to the Double-Decker Living Root Bridge.

Sohra: Immerse in the serene landscapes and explore sacred caves.

Mawphlang: Engage in Khasi culture and wander through sacred forests.

Garo Hills: Connect with the rich local culture amidst the winter ambiance.

Nokrek National Park: Witness the December biodiversity in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

In Meghalaya's December embrace, these places offer not just scenery but a heartfelt connection to the local culture and the magic of winter.

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