12 Best places to visit in North East India

Guwahati, Assam: Feel the energy of Guwahati as you join locals in prayer at Kamakhya Temple, absorbing the spiritual vibes of this ancient site on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

Shillong, Meghalaya: Picture laughter echoing through the vibrant markets, as you share a meal with locals, connecting over stories amidst the scenic beauty of Shillong.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam: Experience the thrill of a safari with local guides, who share their deep knowledge of the park, turning wildlife encounters into unforgettable stories.

Gangtok, Sikkim: Walk through monasteries hand-in-hand with friendly monks, exchanging smiles and stories, while absorbing the serenity of the Himalayan backdrop.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: Imagine sharing a cup of butter tea with locals in Tawang, listening to tales of ancient traditions, and perhaps joining in a traditional dance.

Majuli, Assam: Become part of the vibrant cultural tapestry of Majuli, joining in local festivals and feeling the rhythm of traditional music resonate through the air.

Aizawl, Mizoram: Engage with the warmth of Aizawl as locals welcome you into their homes, sharing traditional Mizo delicacies and stories that paint a picture of their unique way of life.

Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya: Experience the monsoons in Cherrapunjee, sharing stories with locals in cozy tea stalls while raindrops create a soothing melody outside.

Kohima, Nagaland: Attend the Hornbill Festival as locals proudly showcase their culture, and join the festivities that create bonds between visitors and the people of Nagaland.

Agartala, Tripura: Wander through the palatial Ujjayanta Palace, feeling a connection to the history and culture of Tripura, perhaps guided by the stories shared by locals.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland-Manipur Border: Trek through the picturesque Dzukou Valley with local guides, who not only navigate the trails but also share folklore and legends.

Silchar, Assam: Sip tea in the lush green tea gardens of Silchar, engaging in conversations with locals, and feeling the tranquility of the Barak Valley.

In the Northeast, it's not just about visiting places but becoming part of the stories that these places tell through the warm embrace of the people who call them home.

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