12 Best Places To Visit In Ladakh 2023

Leh: The capital city of Ladakh, known for its monasteries, markets, and stunning landscapes.

Pangong Lake: Famous for its ever-changing hues of blue, this high-altitude lake is a must-visit.

Nubra Valley: Explore the desert-like landscape, ride double-humped camels, and visit Diskit Monastery.

Tso Moriri Lake: A serene high-altitude lake surrounded by mountains and wildlife.

Khardung La Pass: One of the world's highest motorable passes, offering breathtaking views.

Hemis Monastery: A major Buddhist monastery known for its annual Hemis Festival.

Thiksey Monastery: A beautiful monastery with a stunning Maitreya Buddha statue.

Zanskar Valley: Trek through this remote and picturesque valley, famous for its isolated villages.

Lamayuru Monastery: Known for its moon-like landscapes and the annual Yuru Kabgyat festival.

Shey Palace and Shey Monastery: Explore the royal palace and the ancient monastery.

Alchi Monastery: Admire its unique Kashmiri-influenced art and architecture.

Magnetic Hill: Experience the optical illusion where your vehicle appears to move uphill on its own.

Ladakh's rugged beauty, monasteries, and unique culture make it a truly unforgettable destination in 2023.

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