12 Best Places to Visit in Andaman Island  

Radhanagar Beach (Havelock Island): Known for its pristine white sand and clear turquoise waters, it's often considered one of Asia's best beaches. 

Neil Island: Explore its stunning beaches, including Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, and the natural rock formations.

Ross Island: A former British administrative center with picturesque ruins and a serene ambiance.

Baratang Island: Visit the Mud Volcano, limestone caves, and the lush green mangrove forests.

Elephant Beach (Havelock Island): Ideal for water sports and snorkeling with vibrant marine life.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (Wandoor): Home to a diverse marine ecosystem, it offers glass-bottom boat rides and snorkeling opportunities.

North Bay Island: Famous for water activities like snorkeling and sea walking, and home to the iconic lighthouse.

Chidiya Tapu: Known as the "Bird Island," it's a birdwatcher's paradise with beautiful sunsets.

Barren Island: The only active volcano in India, offering a unique opportunity to see volcanic activity.

Mount Harriet National Park: Trek through lush forests to reach the highest peak in the Andamans, providing panoramic views.

Cinque Island: A remote paradise for divers and snorkelers with rich coral reefs and marine life.

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