12 Alternative Engines Beyond Google's Horizon  

DuckDuckGo: Focuses on privacy by not tracking user data and delivering unbiased search results.

StartPage: Offers Google search results while maintaining user privacy through anonymous browsing.

Ecosia: Uses revenue to plant trees, combining search with environmental impact.

Qwant: A privacy-focused search engine that doesn't track users or filter search results.

Swisscows: Employs semantic information recognition for family-friendly searches and privacy.

Searx: An open-source metasearch engine that lets you customize sources while respecting privacy.

Yandex: Popular in Russia, it provides search results, news, and other services.

Gibiru: Emphasizes uncensored and private searching.

Disconnect Search: Allows private search through various search engines without tracking.

Mojeek: An independent search engine with its web index and commitment to privacy.

Wolfram Alpha: Computes answers to factual queries and performs data analysis.

MetaGer: A nonprofit engine focusing on user anonymity and neutrality in results.

Keep in mind that while these search engines may offer alternative features or privacy-focused approaches, no search engine is entirely free from biases or privacy risks. Always read their privacy policies and terms of use before making them your default search engine.

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