11 Unusual Places to See in Bangalore  

Nandi Hills: A serene hilltop offering breathtaking sunrise views and ancient temples. 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden: A verdant oasis with a stunning glasshouse and diverse flora. 

Bangalore Palace: A majestic palace showcasing Tudor-style architecture and lush gardens.

Wonderla Amusement Park: An adrenaline-packed destination with thrilling rides and water slides. 

Bull Temple: Home to a colossal monolithic Nandi bull statue, a symbol of strength and devotion. 

Innovative Film City: An entertainment hub featuring movie sets, adventure activities, and live performances. 

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace: An architectural marvel with ornate interiors and beautiful frescoes.

Ulsoor Lake: A peaceful lake offering boating experiences and a picturesque island temple. 

National Gallery of Modern Art: Showcasing a remarkable collection of contemporary Indian art. 

Nrityagram Dance Village: A unique cultural village dedicated to preserving traditional Indian dance forms. 

Bangalore Aviation Museum: A fascinating museum displaying vintage aircraft and aviation artifacts. 

Discover the lesser-known side of Bangalore as you explore these extraordinary and offbeat destinations, adding a touch of excitement and intrigue to your journey. 

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