10 Weird Signs You Might Actually Be A Genius 

Talking to Yourself: Engaging in conversations with yourself to problem-solve or think through ideas.

Messy Habits: Having a messy workspace or disorganized environment, which could signify a creative mind.

 Procrastination: Delaying tasks until the last minute but still producing excellent results.

Unconventional Thinking: Approaching problems from unique and unconventional angles.

Eccentric Interests: Having unusual or niche interests that others might not understand.

Night Owl: Preferring to work or think during late hours, indicating enhanced cognitive abilities.

Forgetfulness: Occasionally being forgetful about mundane things but excelling in complex topics.

Overthinking: Constantly analyzing situations and ideas in great depth.

Introversion: Preferring solitary time for deep thinking and reflection.

Curiosity: Possessing a strong and insatiable curiosity to explore diverse subjects.

Remember, these signs might not guarantee genius status, but they could indicate a unique and creative mind.

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