10 Things to Do in Hampi, India  

Visit Virupaksha Temple: Explore this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known for its intricate carvings and vibrant festivities. 

Explore Hampi Bazaar: Wander through the charming market street, lined with shops selling handicrafts, jewelry, and local treats.

Matanga Hill Sunrise: Hike up for a stunning sunrise view over the surreal Hampi landscape and historic ruins.

Vijaya Vittala Temple: Admire the iconic stone chariot and musical pillars in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hemakuta Hill Sunset: Enjoy a serene sunset overlooking the ruins and boulders of Hampi.

Tungabhadra River Coracle Ride: Experience a traditional circular boat ride offering a unique perspective of the riverside ruins.

Queen's Bath and Lotus Mahal: Discover the elegant architecture and royal bathing pool of the past.

 Elephant Stables: Marvel at the well-preserved structures that once housed the royal elephants.

Anegundi Village: Visit the laid-back village to witness rural life and explore ancient sites.

Coracle Crossing to Hippie Island: Take a coracle ride to the relaxed Hippie Island for a different vibe and riverside cafes.

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