10 The Best Tourist Places to visit in Hampi In 2023 

Virupaksha Temple: Step into the sacred realm of Virupaksha Temple, where history whispers through every stone, and the spiritual aura invites you to connect with the ancient echoes. 

Hampi Bazaar: Lose yourself in the vibrant energy of Hampi Bazaar, where the market's heartbeat echoes local stories, and each craft and artifact tells a tale of artistic tradition. 

Vitthala Temple: Be enchanted by the soul-stirring beauty of Vitthala Temple, where the stone chariot stands as a testament to timeless artistry, and the musical pillars serenade visitors  

Lotus Palace: Time-travel through the elegant archways of the Lotus Palace, where the air is infused with the grandeur of Vijayanagara, and every geometric design unfolds a chapter 

Elephant Stables: Feel the majesty of the Elephant Stables, where whispers of royal elephants linger in the air, and the blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture creates a sanctuary.

Matanga Hill: Ascend Matanga Hill, not just for the panoramic views but for the moments of reflection as the sun paints the ruins with hues of sunrise or sunset, turning history into a living canvas. 

Achyutaraya Temple: Traverse the Achyutaraya Temple, where the devotion to Lord Tiruvengalanatha is etched in every carving, inviting you to be part of the stories.

Hazara Rama Temple: Immerse yourself in the tales of Hazara Rama Temple, where the bas-reliefs narrate the epic of Ramayana, and the stones breathe life into the rich cultural tapestry.

Tungabhadra River Crossing: Experience the gentle sway of a coracle boat ride across the Tungabhadra River, where the ripples tell stories, and the breeze whispers the secrets.

Hemakuta Hill Temples: Wander through the tranquil Hemakuta Hill Temples, where the ancient shrines become silent companions in your journey .

Best Places to Visit During Chardham Yatra 

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