10 Stunning Coastal Road Trips In India

Mumbai to Goa (NH66): Roll down the windows, feel the salty breeze, and stop at local seafood joints for a taste of coastal delights. Connect with fishermen hauling in their catch along the way.

Chennai to Pondicherry (East Coast Road): Pause at small villages, chat with locals selling handicrafts, and savor the tranquility of the Bay of Bengal.

Kochi to Kanyakumari (NH66): Share stories with the locals at coastal towns, try traditional Kerala cuisine, and witness the sun setting over the Arabian Sea.  

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley (Araku Road): Take a leisurely drive through the Eastern Ghats, engage with coffee plantation workers, and soak in the natural beauty that unfolds at every turn.

Gokarna to Mangalore (NH66): Discover hidden beaches, chat with surfers riding the waves, and savor the local flavors of Karnataka's coastal cuisine.

Puri to Konark (Marine Drive): Immerse yourself in the spiritual vibes of Puri, witness fishermen at work, and marvel at the architectural brilliance of the Sun Temple in Konark.

Digha to Shankarpur (SH4): Experience the simplicity of West Bengal's coastal life, chat with fishermen mending their nets, and enjoy the tranquility of lesser-known beaches.

Rameswaram to Kanyakumari (NH87): Connect with pilgrims, visit local markets, and stand at the southernmost tip of India, feeling the waves from three different seas.

Mangalore to Udupi (NH66): Explore the heart of Karnataka's coastal culture, from engaging with local artisans to savoring the coastal delicacies at roadside eateries.

Kochi to Alleppey (NH66): Cruise through the backwaters, engage with boatmen, and savor the flavors of Alleppey's traditional cuisine. Experience the warmth of Kerala's coastal hospitality.

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