10 Signs You Need To Clear Negative Energy & How To Clear It

Signs of Negative Energy: Feeling constantly drained or fatigued. Frequent mood swings and unexplained irritability. An increase in anxiety or stress levels.

Signs of Negative Energy: Difficulty in focusing and making decisions. Unexplained physical discomfort or ailments.

Smudging: Use sage, palo santo, or other herbs to cleanse the space.  Light the herb bundle, let it smolder, and waft the smoke around the area.

Salt Bath: Take a bath with Epsom salts or sea salt to cleanse your energy. Relax and visualize the negative energy washing away.

Meditation: Practice mindfulness meditation to identify and release negative thoughts. Focus on positive affirmations and self-compassion.

Decluttering: Clear out unnecessary belongings and organize your living space. Create a more harmonious environment

Sunlight and Fresh Air: Open windows to let fresh air in and sunlight to cleanse the space. Spend time outdoors to rejuvenate your energy.

Crystal Cleansing: Use crystals like clear quartz or selenite to absorb and clear negative energy. Place them in your living space or carry them with you.

Positive Affirmations: Practice daily positive affirmations to shift your mindset. Replace negative thoughts with empowering beliefs.

Energy Healing: Seek the help of a professional energy healer or Reiki practitioner. They can help clear and balance your energy centers.

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