10 Safe places for solo female travelers in Karnataka 

Coorg :Discover tranquility amidst misty hills, savor coffee, and connect with the warmth of local communities. 

Mysore:Immerse yourself in the regal charm of palaces and vibrant markets, all while forging connections with the welcoming locals.

Gokarna : Let the pristine beaches set the stage for a laid-back experience, where open arms welcome you to a community vibe.

Hampi:Unearth the history within ancient ruins and engage with locals, turning your visit into more than a historical tour. 

Badami:Dive into history and heritage, and feel the passion of locals as they share their stories and traditions.

Chikmagalur:Beyond serene landscapes and coffee estates, indulge in the warm hospitality of locals for an authentic experience.

Hassan:Immerse yourself in cultural heritage at bustling markets and local events, fostering connections with the community. 

Udupi:Along the coastal beauty, experience spirituality and friendly encounters that add a personal touch to your journey.

Belur:Beyond intricate temples, engage in conversations that reveal the rich cultural heartbeat of the locals. 

Dandeli:In this adventure hub, bond with fellow nature enthusiasts around the campfire, creating shared memories. 

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