10 Psychological Tricks to Get People to do What You Want 

Reciprocity: Offer something of value first, and people are more likely to reciprocate.

Social Proof: Show evidence of others' positive experiences or actions to influence behavior.

Authority: Establish credibility and expertise to gain trust and influence.

Consistency: Encourage small commitments that lead to larger ones, as people prefer to be consistent.

Scarcity: Create a sense of urgency or limited availability to increase desire.

Likeability: Build rapport, be genuine, and find common ground to become more persuasive.

Mirroring: Subtly mimic body language and speech patterns to establish rapport.

Use Power of Words: Frame requests positively and emphasize benefits to create appeal.

Storytelling: Use compelling stories to engage emotions and drive action.

Listen Actively: Show genuine interest and listen actively to understand others' needs and motivations.

Remember, the goal is not manipulation but effective communication and building positive relationships. Always use these techniques ethically and respect others' autonomy.

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