10 Places To Visit Near Jim Corbett National Park In 2023

Garjiya Devi Temple: Share a moment of reflection with locals at Garjiya Devi Temple, learning about the spiritual significance while enjoying the riverside ambiance. 

Corbett Waterfall: Join families on a weekend outing at Corbett Waterfall, exchanging smiles and stories as you dip your toes in the cool mountain waters.

Dhikala Zone: Engage with fellow safari enthusiasts in the Dhikala Zone, swapping wildlife sighting stories and marveling at the untamed beauty of nature. 

Sitabani Wildlife Reserve: Walk the trails of Sitabani Wildlife Reserve with a local guide, hearing folklore and insights into the hidden treasures of this serene wilderness.

Corbett Museum: Chat with the museum curator, unraveling the tales behind Jim Corbett's legacy, and perhaps sharing your own thoughts on wildlife conservation.

Mohan: Visit Mohan village, strike up conversations with farmers, and maybe lend a hand in the fields, experiencing rural life in the Himalayan foothills.

Corbett Tiger Reserve: Share excitement with fellow safari-goers as you spot elusive creatures in Corbett Tiger Reserve, creating bonds over the thrill of the wilderness.

Kalagarh Dam: Boat alongside locals at Kalagarh Dam, exchanging nods of appreciation for the tranquil surroundings and the simple joy of a boat ride.

Nainital: Join the hustle and bustle of Nainital, bargaining at the local markets, tasting street food, and sharing laughter with vendors. 

Marchula: Visit Marchula, sit by the riverbanks, and maybe join a storytelling session with locals, connecting through shared moments of peace and reflection.

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