10 Places to visit in Karnataka for weekend

Coorg:A weekend surrounded by lush landscapes, coffee plantations, and the soothing Abbey Falls—a perfect nature retreat. 

Mysuru (Mysore):Experience the grandeur of Mysuru Palace, soak in the history of Chamundi Hills, and savor the local culture at weekend markets.

Hampi:Dive into the historical charm of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exploring the fascinating ruins and ancient temples. 

Gokarna:Relax on pristine beaches like Om Beach and explore the spiritual side with a visit to the Mahabaleshwar Temple.

Chikmagalur:Embrace the tranquility of serene hills, coffee estates, and the panoramic views from Mullayanagiri Peak.

Badami:Delve into history with cave temples, the Badami Fort, and the scenic Agastya Lake—a weekend of architectural wonders.

Udupi:Combine spirituality with leisure, visiting the Udupi Krishna Temple and unwinding at the scenic Malpe Beach. 

Nandi Hills:Enjoy breathtaking views, explore historic forts, and visit Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace—ideal for a quick weekend escape.

Bandipur National Park:Experience a wildlife safari and soak in the beauty of the Nilgiri Mountains—a perfect weekend for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Hassan:Immerse yourself in the intricate architecture of Belur and Halebidu's Hoysala temples—a weekend filled with cultural and historical exploration. 

Chopta: Uttarakhand’s Serene Secret – A Hidden Heaven 

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