10 Picnic Spots Near Indore For a Day Out in 2023 

Patalpani Waterfall: Immerse yourself in nature's embrace at the Patalpani Waterfall. Feel the cool mist on your face and listen to the rhythmic symphony of cascading water .

Mhow: Explore the historical charm of Mhow, where every cobblestone seems to echo tales of the past. Engage in conversations with locals, making your day out a journey through time. 

Janapav Kuti: Trek to the summit of Janapav Kuti, where the panoramic views become a canvas for shared adventures. The journey is as important as the destination .

Tincha Falls: Let the enchanting Tincha Falls be the backdrop to your laughter and shared stories. Capture the beauty in photographs and create memories as refreshing as the falls themselves. 

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: Wander through the sanctuary's trails, where each step brings you closer to the whispers of nature. Connect with the diverse flora and fauna.

Choral Dam: Spread out your picnic blanket by the Choral Dam, where the gentle breeze carries the promise of a serene day. Enjoy water activities, laughter, and the simple joy .

Bamniya Kund: Dip your toes into the natural spring at Bamniya Kund, where the crystal-clear waters mirror the tranquility of your day. Share a moment of peace with loved ones .

Pipliyapala Regional Park: Pedal through the park's vibrant landscapes, sharing smiles and creating moments of joy.  

Bijasan Mata Temple: Climb the steps to Bijasan Mata Temple, where spirituality merges with the beauty of the surroundings. Connect with the divine and with fellow visitors .

ISKCON Temple, Indore: Find solace and community at the ISKCON Temple. Enjoy a shared meal and moments of contemplation in the temple gardens.

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