10 off the beaten track places to visit in Karnataka

Gokak Falls: Feel the mist on your face as Gokak Falls unveils its natural splendor, a hidden retreat away from the crowds.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: Embrace the wild whispers of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, where each rustle in the foliage tells a story of untamed beauty.

Kanakapura: Wander through the quaint charm of Kanakapura, where time seems to slow down, inviting you to savor the simplicity of rural life.

Karwar Beaches: Let the rhythmic waves of Karwar's less-trodden beaches serenade you, offering a peaceful sanctuary by the azure shores.

Badami Caves: Time-travel through Badami Caves, where ancient stone carvings narrate tales of a bygone era, and the silence speaks volumes.

Murdeshwar: Stand in awe of Murdeshwar's towering Shiva statue, a guardian overlooking serene beaches, creating a harmonious symphony of divinity and nature.

Kudremukh: Traverse the unexplored trails of Kudremukh, where the vibrant hues of nature paint a canvas of solitude and scenic grandeur.

Hampi's Hippie Island: Cross the river to Hampi's Hippie Island, where the laid-back vibes and riverside tranquility beckon you to unwind and connect with nature.

Bilgiri Rangaswamy Betta: Ascend the hills of Bilgiri Rangaswamy Betta, where the panoramic views inspire reflection, and the whispers of the wind become your guide.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: Embark on a safari through Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, where the untamed wilderness becomes a tapestry of encounters with Karnataka's diverse flora and fauna.

In these hidden havens, Karnataka unfolds its secrets, inviting you to not just witness but to truly experience the essence of each unique destination.

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