10 must-follow steps you should do after installing wordpress 

Change Admin Username: It's like giving your site a secret identity. Let's create a unique admin username, so your website stays safe from potential threats.

Update Password: Think of a strong password as your website's guardian. Choose a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to keep it protected.

Update Permalinks: Let's make your URLs look clean and user-friendly. Search engines will love it, and your visitors will find it easier to navigate your site.

Install Essential Plugins: Time to add some superpowers to your site! We'll install essential plugins for security, backups, and SEO optimization.

Customize Theme: Personalize your site's appearance to match your brand and style. Make it uniquely yours!

Create Essential Pages: Your website needs a strong foundation. We'll add key pages like Home, About, Contact, and a Privacy Policy to make it complete.

Set Site Title and Tagline: Just like a book needs a catchy title, your site needs an identity. Let's set a memorable title and tagline to make a lasting impression.

Configure Reading Settings: Your website, your rules! Decide whether you want a static homepage or a dynamic blog feed, and we'll make it happen.

Enable Comments Moderation: We want to keep the conversation clean and engaging. Let's activate comments moderation to keep pesky spam at bay.

Backup Your Site: Safety first! Regularly backing up your website ensures peace of mind in case anything unexpected happens.

There you have it, your personalized guide to leveling up your WordPress experience. Enjoy the journey, and remember, I'm here to help anytime you need! Happy website building!

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