10 Movies About India That Will Inspire You to Visit

"Slumdog Millionaire" (2008): A heartwarming tale set in Mumbai's vibrant streets, showcasing resilience and the power of dreams. 

"Lagaan" (2001): A captivating sports drama set during British colonial rule, highlighting unity and determination through a cricket match. 

"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" (2011): A charming story of British retirees finding new purpose in a colorful Rajasthan hotel.

"Monsoon Wedding" (2001): A delightful exploration of Indian family dynamics and cultural traditions during a chaotic wedding.

 "Queen" (2014): Follow the journey of a young woman as she embarks on a solo adventure across Europe after her wedding is called off.

"Jodhaa Akbar" (2008): A historical epic depicting the love story of Emperor Akbar and Princess Jodhaa, set against grand palaces and landscapes. 

"Highway" (2014): A poignant road trip film showcasing India's diverse landscapes and the transformative power of travel. 

"Gandhi" (1982): A biographical film on Mahatma Gandhi's life, emphasizing his nonviolent struggle for India's independence. 

"Dil Chahta Hai" (2001): A modern classic portraying friendship, love, and self-discovery against the backdrop of Mumbai and Goa.

"PK" (2014): A thought-provoking comedy-drama exploring cultural differences and spirituality through an alien's perspective in India.

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