10 Mouse Tricks You Need to Know 

1. Double-click: Quickly clicking the left button twice opens files, folders, and applications. 2. 

2. Right-click: Use the right button to access context menus with options for the selected item.

3. Scroll wheel: Scroll up or down to navigate webpages, documents, and lists effortlessly.

4. Click and drag: Hold down the left button while moving the mouse to select text or objects and move them.

5. Ctrl + scroll: Hold the Ctrl key and scroll the wheel to zoom in or out on webpages and documents.

6. Back/Forward buttons: Navigate backward or forward in web browsers by pressing the corresponding buttons on the mouse.

7. Middle-click: Clicking the scroll wheel opens links in new tabs or closes tabs by clicking on them.

8. Snap windows: Hold the left button on the window's title bar and drag it to the top, left, or right edge of the screen to snap it into place.

9. Gesture support: Some mice offer gesture support, allowing you to swipe or scroll using predefined hand movements.

10. Customize mouse buttons: Depending on the mouse model and software, you can assign custom functions to mouse buttons for quick access to specific tasks or shortcuts.

These mouse tricks will enhance your productivity and make navigating your computer more efficient and intuitive. 

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