10 Most Breathtaking Mosques to Visit in the INDIA

Jama Masjid, Delhi: Stepping into Jama Masjid felt like entering a time capsule of history. Amidst the hustle of Old Delhi, the red sandstone marvel spoke of a rich past and offered a serene escape. 

Taj-ul-Masajid, Bhopal: The vastness of Taj-ul-Masajid left me in awe. Its domes and minarets seemed to touch the sky, creating an ambiance of divine grandeur in the heart of Bhopal. 

Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad: In Mecca Masjid, the echoes of prayers intertwined with the artistic beauty. The bricks from Mecca beneath my feet connected two sacred lands .

Jama Masjid, Ahmedabad: Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad wasn't just a structure; it was a testament to the city's history. The white marble and yellow sandstone created a visual poetry .

Hazratbal Shrine, Srinagar: The setting of Hazratbal Shrine was surreal, framed by the beauty of Dal Lake. The pristine white marble seemed to reflect the serenity of the surroundings .

Moti Masjid, Bhopal: Within the Red Fort complex, Moti Masjid was a hidden gem. The tranquility of its surroundings and the architectural grace made it a place for quiet contemplation. 

Badi Masjid, Fatehpur Sikri: Standing in the courtyard of Badi Masjid, I felt the grandeur of Akbar's vision. The red sandstone mosque was a testament to the emperor's architectural prowess. 

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace Mosque, Bengaluru: The mosque within Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace was a blend of history and beauty. The intricate designs and minarets spoke of an era .

Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata: Nakhoda Masjid was a masterpiece in the heart of Kolkata. Its grandeur and intricate details made it more than a mosque; it was a cultural jewel in the city's fabric.

Palayam Juma Masjid, Thiruvananthapuram: In Kerala's capital, Palayam Juma Masjid was a place of serenity. Its architecture and the tranquil surroundings invited reflection .

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