10 Lesser Known Places to Visit in Jammu and Kashmir 

Achabal: Stroll through Mughal gardens, feel the refreshing springs, and embrace nature's tranquility. 

Verinag: Step into history with ancient springs and admire the serenity Mughal architecture brings.

Bangus Valley: Embark on a lesser-trodden path, trek amidst meadows, and savor moments of solitude.

Aharbal: Listen to the symphony of waterfalls, explore hidden trekking trails, and immerse in the green haven.

Tarsar Lake: Gaze at the pristine alpine lake, follow the trail less traveled, and reconnect with nature's beauty.

Bhaderwah: Find solace among the meadows, soak in temple spirituality, and weave into the tapestry of local life.

Martand Sun Temple: Marvel at the intricate artistry, feel the echoes of ancient times, and connect with heritage.

Warwan Valley: Embrace the untouched beauty, camp under the stars, and forge unforgettable trekking memories.

Sanasar: Surrender to the green landscapes, dive into adventure activities, and savor the blissful tranquility.

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