10 Great Documentaries On Netflix You’ll Love

"The Social Dilemma": Explores the impact of social media on society and mental health. 

"Our Planet": Stunning nature documentary showcasing Earth's diverse ecosystems.

"Tiger King": Bizarre world of big cat breeding and its eccentric characters.

"Blackfish": Examines the controversy surrounding captive killer whales.

"Making a Murderer": Gripping true-crime series questioning a murder conviction.

"Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened": Chronicles the infamous Fyre Festival debacle.

"The Last Dance": Iconic Chicago Bulls' journey during Michael Jordan's era.

"Wild Wild Country": Follows the rise and fall of a controversial spiritual community.

"13th": Explores racial inequality and the U.S. prison system's impact on African Americans.

"Minimalism": Explores the minimalist lifestyle and its impact on happiness.

These documentaries on Netflix offer a diverse range of topics, promising entertainment and insight for all kinds of viewers.

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