10 Famous Places to Visit in and Around Khajuraho 2023

Khajuraho Temples: – Step back in time as you wander through the awe-inspiring Khajuraho Temples, each telling a story through intricate sculptures and architectural marvels.

Western Group of Temples: – Feel the spiritual energy at the Western Group of Temples, where the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple stands tall, the Lakshmana Temple emanates tranquility.

Eastern Group of Temples:Discover a quieter elegance in the Eastern Group of Temples, where the Parsvanath Temple and the Ghantai Temple unfold moments of reflection amidst their subtle grace.

Southern Group of Temples: – Find solace in the Southern Group of Temples, where the Duladeo Temple and the Chaturbhuj Temple offer a more intimate connection with the spiritual essence of Khajuraho.

Duladeo Temple:Marvel at the artistic expressions in the Duladeo Temple, where every carving seems to come alive, telling stories of devotion and craftsmanship that have stood the test of time.

Chaturbhuj Temple: – Visit the Chaturbhuj Temple, not just as a structure but as a sacred space where the massive idol of Lord Vishnu seems to transcend stone, inviting you to witness divinity.

Archaeological Museum Khajuraho: – Immerse yourself in the history of Khajuraho at the Archaeological Museum, where artifacts and sculptures become windows into the lives and culture.

Beni Sagar Dam:Experience the serenity of Beni Sagar Dam, not just as a reservoir but as a tranquil haven where the ripples of the water echo the peaceful rhythms of life.

Panna National Park: – Embark on a wildlife adventure at Panna National Park, where the call of the wild becomes a symphony, and the elusive Bengal tiger becomes a majestic character.

Dhubela Museum: – Let the Dhubela Museum be a time machine, transporting you into the cultural heritage of Khajuraho. Each artifact becomes a storyteller, weaving tales of a rich and diverse past.

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