10 common tourist scams in India 2023

Overpriced Taxis: Be cautious of taxi drivers quoting exorbitant prices for short distances. Always insist on using the meter or agree on a fare before starting your journey. 

Fake Guides: Some individuals posing as guides may offer their services but lead you to shops where they earn a commission. Verify credentials before hiring guides. 

Counterfeit Tickets: When purchasing tickets for attractions or transportation, be vigilant for counterfeit tickets. Buy from authorized vendors to avoid scams. 

Gem Scams: Avoid buying gemstones from street vendors, as they may sell fake or low-quality gems at inflated prices. Purchase from reputable dealers instead. 

Spurious Handicrafts: Street markets might display seemingly handmade crafts that are actually mass-produced. Verify the authenticity of handicrafts and negotiate prices wisely. 

Distraction Techniques: Be wary of distractions like spilled substances or staged arguments. Scammers may take advantage of the situation to snatch belongings. 

Credit Card Fraud: Use credit cards cautiously and only at reputable establishments. Skimming devices and unauthorized transactions can occur in less secure places. 

Fake Police Officers: Scammers may impersonate police officers to extort money. Always ask for identification and contact the local police station if in doubt. 

ATM Skimming: Be cautious while using ATMs, especially in crowded areas. Skimming devices can capture card information, leading to unauthorized transactions 

Temple Donation Scams: At popular tourist sites, some may pressure visitors into making large donations, claiming it's a religious obligation. Confirm with local authorities before contributing. 

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