10 Best Treks In Kashmir Every Adventure Enthusiast Must Take

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: Embark on a journey that feels like stepping into a dream. The shimmering alpine lakes, nestled amidst snow-draped peaks, create a canvas of serenity.

Tarsar Marsar Trek: Walk through meadows painted in a myriad of colors, leading you to the enchanting twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar. Each step resonates with the spirit of adventure.

Kolahoi Glacier Trek: Challenge yourself with the awe-inspiring trek to Kolahoi Glacier, where the grandeur of the largest glacier in Kashmir unfolds before your eyes. 

Thajiwas Glacier Trek: For those starting their trekking journey, the path to Thajiwas Glacier is a gentle introduction. As you navigate through meadows and witness the Thajiwas Range.

Nichnai Pass Trek: Feel the thrill of conquering the Nichnai Pass, surrounded by meadows that seem to stretch endlessly. The journey is not just a trek but a dance with nature's grandeur. 

Gadsar Lake Trek: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Gadsar Lake, where alpine flowers bloom, and snow-kissed peaks stand guard. Every moment here feels like a poetic expression of the beauty.

Gangbal Lake Trek: Witness the magic of Gangbal Lake, cradled by the imposing Mount Haramukh. The trek is a pilgrimage of sorts, where the soul finds solace in the embrace of nature's magnificence. 

Dachigam National Park Trek: Let your trek be a rendezvous with wildlife at Dachigam National Park. Encounter the majestic Hangul deer and the vibrant biodiversity, creating moments.

Aru Valley Trek: Traverse the landscapes of Aru Valley, where every meadow and every turn in the trail reveals a new facet of Kashmir's beauty. 

Pahalgam to Aru Trek: Walk the path from Pahalgam to Aru, where meadows meet forests, and villages tell tales of a timeless way of life. Every step echoes with the essence of the local culture.

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