Best Road Trip Places in Dehradun, India 2023

Mussoorie: Chat with locals at the roadside stalls, savoring Maggi and chai, as you share stories and recommendations for the best viewpoints in Mussoorie. 

Rishikesh: Stop by the local eateries along the way, tasting regional delights and maybe joining a yoga class on the banks of the Ganges.

Haridwar: Feel the energy of the Ganga Aarti, striking up conversations with fellow onlookers, and perhaps participating in the ritual for a truly immersive experience.

Chakrata: Connect with nature enthusiasts during a trek, sharing the joy of discovering hidden waterfalls and pristine landscapes in Chakrata.

Kanatal: Visit a roadside fruit vendor, not just for the produce but for a chat about life in the hills and the changing seasons that influence the orchards.

Nag Tibba Base Camp: Bond with fellow trekkers on the way, understanding the allure of Nag Tibba and swapping stories of mountain adventures. 

Dhanaulti: Join a local guide for a walk through the deodar forests, discovering the indigenous flora and fauna that call Dhanaulti home. 

Tiger Falls: Share a laugh with fellow travelers at the viewpoint, appreciating the serenity of Tiger Falls and the camaraderie of the journey. 

Devalsari: Visit a village market, interacting with the locals, and maybe participating in their daily chores, creating connections beyond just passing through.

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