10 Best Places to Visit in Tamilnadu During Monsoon 

Ooty: The "Queen of Hill Stations" is lush and vibrant during the monsoon, with tea gardens and misty landscapes.

Kodaikanal: Enjoy serene lakes, waterfalls, and cool weather in this hill station.

Yercaud: Explore the beauty of the Shevaroy Hills, known for their coffee plantations and scenic viewpoints.

Coonoor: Experience the charm of this quieter hill town with its tea estates and pleasant weather.

Valparai: Discover the Anamalai Hills, filled with tea and coffee plantations, and spot wildlife in the rain.

Courtallam: Also called the "Spa of South India," visit waterfalls and natural springs for a refreshing experience.

Chidambaram: Witness the grand Chidambaram Temple and its unique monsoon festival.

Mahabalipuram: Explore the UNESCO-listed shore temples and the rocky beach in the rain-washed ambiance.

Kanyakumari: Enjoy the coastal beauty, especially during the off-season, with fewer tourists.

Thanjavur: Discover historic temples like Brihadeeswarar Temple in a more relaxed setting.

Monsoon in Tamil Nadu offers a different kind of charm, with green landscapes and cooler weather.

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