10 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya for an Unforgettable Trip 

Shillong's Cultural Embrace: Immerse yourself in the heart of Shillong, where the vibrant markets, pleasant climate, and cultural tapestry welcome you to the "Scotland of the East." 

Cherrapunji's Lush Symphony: Feel the misty embrace of Cherrapunji, where lush landscapes and cascading waterfalls, including the awe-inspiring Nohkalikai Falls, create a natural masterpiece. 

Dawki's Crystal Waters: Glide along the crystal-clear Umngot River in Dawki, where the boat ride becomes a poetic journey, framed by picturesque landscapes and the iconic Dawki Bridge. 

Mawlynnong's Pristine Charm: Stroll through the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong, where well-maintained cleanliness, living root bridges, and panoramic views beckon you to tranquility. 

Living Root Bridges' Natural Wonders: Trek through Meghalaya's forests to witness the marvels of living root bridges, like the enchanting Double Decker Root Bridge in Nongriat.

Elephant Falls' Cascading Beauty: Stand enchanted by the cascading elegance of Elephant Falls near Shillong, where the surroundings echo with the melody of nature. 

Balpakram National Park's Biodiversity: Embark on a wildlife adventure in Balpakram National Park, where the red panda and clouded leopard find their sanctuary amidst diverse flora.

Mawsynram's Misty Village: Visit Mawsynram, the village that embraces the world's highest average annual rainfall, and let the misty landscapes paint a serene portrait.

Jowai's Picturesque Allure: Explore Jowai's scenic charm, surrounded by hills and lakes, with attractions like Krang Suri Falls and Thadlaskein Lake inviting you to discover their stories.

Nongpoh's Tranquil Retreat: Experience the serenity of Nongpoh, located on the Shillong-Guwahati highway, and find solace by the reflective waters of Umiam Lake. 

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