10 Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon 

Lonavala: Explore lush green hills, waterfalls, and the famous Bhushi Dam.

Matheran: Enjoy a peaceful hill station with misty landscapes and toy train rides.

Mahabaleshwar: Experience scenic viewpoints, strawberry farms, and serene lakes.

Panchgani: Discover picturesque landscapes, Table Land plateau, and charming viewpoints.

Khandala: Witness stunning valleys, trekking trails, and the Duke's Nose viewpoint.

Bhandardara: Experience cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and Arthur Lake.

Igatpuri: Enjoy foggy landscapes, Vipassana center, and the Bhatsa River Valley.

Amboli: Encounter dense forests, numerous waterfalls, and tranquil surroundings.

Alibaug: Relax on serene beaches and explore historic forts.

Kaas Plateau: Marvel at the colorful carpet of blooming flowers in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Pack your umbrella and get ready to enjoy the monsoon magic in Maharashtra! 🌧️🌴

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