10 Best Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh, India 

1. Khajuraho - UNESCO-listed temples with intricate sculptures.

2. Bhopal - City of lakes, museums, and historic sites.

3. Gwalior - Majestic fort and palaces.

4. Indore - Vibrant city with delicious street food.

5. Orchha - Fairy tale setting with palaces and temples.

6. Sanchi - Ancient Buddhist monuments, including the Great Stupa.

7. Jabalpur - Marble Rocks and Bhedaghat Waterfalls.

8. Ujjain - Sacred city with Mahakaleshwar Temple and festivals.

9. Pachmarhi - Scenic hill station with waterfalls and cave temples.

10. Mandu - City of love with palaces and Jahaz Mahal.

These destinations in Madhya Pradesh offer a diverse range of experiences, from rich history and architecture to natural beauty and cultural significance.

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