10 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir for Snowfall 

Picture families and friends in Gulmarg, joyously experiencing the magic of snowfall at the ski resorts, creating memories amidst the winter enchantment.

In Pahalgam, imagine children building snowmen along the banks of the Lidder River, their laughter echoing in the winter air, while families take leisurely strolls through the snow-covered. 

Srinagar becomes a canvas of shared moments as couples take romantic walks around Dal Lake, the soft snowflakes adding an extra layer of charm to the Mughal Gardens.

Sonamarg's meadows, usually vibrant with colors, become a serene playground for locals and visitors alike, as they engage in snowball fights and marvel at the snowy landscapes. 

Ganderbal transforms into a scene of quiet beauty, with locals sharing stories by the frozen Manasbal Lake, surrounded by the hushed elegance of snow-covered mountains.

In Yusmarg, envision individuals finding solace in the untouched snow, taking reflective walks, and creating a sense of peace in the midst of the winter landscape. 

Aharbal Waterfall, frozen in time amidst snow-covered terrain, becomes a place where families gather, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty and warmth in shared moments.

Dachigam National Park, covered in a blanket of snow, turns into a winter haven where wildlife adapts, and locals share stories of the unique winter experiences.

Kupwara's Wular Lake freezes, inviting locals to come together for ice-skating and shared laughter, creating a community bond in the snowy surroundings.

Shopian, the "Apple Bowl of Kashmir," witnesses families exploring snow-covered orchards, children making snow angels, and the shared joy of experiencing the winter magic together.

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