10 Best Places to Visit in Himachal During Monsoon  

Shimla: Enjoy the lush beauty of the capital city with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Manali: Experience the rain-kissed charm of this hill station and its scenic landscapes.

Dharamshala: Explore the serene monasteries and rejuvenating atmosphere of this spiritual town.

Chamba: Discover the picturesque beauty of this valley town with its ancient temples and lush meadows.

Kasauli: Enjoy misty hills, colonial architecture, and refreshing rain showers.

Palampur: Experience the green tea gardens and enjoy the soothing monsoon rains.

Solan: Visit the 'Mushroom Capital of India' and relish the monsoon charm.

Bir-Billing: Experience the thrill of paragliding amidst the monsoon clouds.

Chail: Enjoy the refreshing climate and the stunning views from the hilltop.

Khajjiar: Explore the 'Mini Switzerland of India' with its lush meadows and pristine beauty.

These places offer a unique and enchanting experience during the monsoon season.

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