10 Best place for camping in Himachal Pradesh 

Tirthan Valley: Riverside Retreat  Set up camp by the Tirthan River, where the melody of flowing water and rustling leaves creates a serene escape in nature's embrace.

Solang Valley: Adventure Haven  Experience the thrill of camping amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Solang Valley, with snow-capped peaks as your backdrop.

Kasol: Riverside Tranquility  Camp by the Parvati River in Kasol, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the Himalayas and the vibrant energy of the Hippie Valley.

Triund: Majestic Trek and Camp  Embark on a trek to Triund and camp atop the hills, where every dawn and dusk paints the sky with hues of magic.

Barot: Hidden GemDiscover the hidden gem of Barot, camp amidst nature's bounty, and let the Uhl River's melody be your companion.

Khajjiar: Mini SwitzerlandUnwind in Khajjiar, the Mini Switzerland of India, where lush meadows provide the perfect canvas for your camping adventure.

Malana: Unique Cultural Experience  Immerse yourself in the ancient village of Malana, camp under the stars, and absorb the unique culture of this mystical place.

 Bir Billing: Paragliding BliCamp in Bir Billing, the paragliding capital, and let the Dhauladhar range be the backdrop to your evenings filled with stories around the campfire.

Shoja: Serene Escape Find serenity in Shoja, where apple orchards and dense forests create a peaceful backdrop for your camping retreat.

 Chitkul: Borderline BeautyCamp in Chitkul, the last village before the Indo-Tibet border, surrounded by majestic mountains and the soothing sound of the Baspa River.

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