10 AWESOME places you should not miss to visit when in Meghalaya

Cherrapunji - Known for its breathtaking waterfalls and living root bridges.

Mawlynnong - Asia's cleanest village with lush gardens and unique bamboo structures.

Dawki - Famous for its crystal-clear Umngot River and boating experiences.

Shillong - The capital city known for its vibrant culture, music scene, and picturesque views.

Nongriat - Home to the mesmerizing Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

Mawphlang - A sacred forest with ancient trees and mystical legends.

Laitlum Canyon - Offers panoramic views of Meghalaya's rolling hills and deep gorges.

Mawsynram - The wettest place on Earth, known for its lush green landscapes and waterfalls.

Balpakram National Park - Wildlife sanctuary with diverse flora and fauna.

Nohkalikai Falls - India's tallest plunge waterfall with stunning natural beauty.

These awe-inspiring places in Meghalaya will leave you enchanted with their natural wonders and cultural richness.

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