10 Amazing Places to Visit in Hampi 2023

Virupaksha Temple:  Feel the spiritual vibes as you join the locals in the temple rituals, and connect with the ancient energy that permeates this sacred site.

Hampi Bazaar:  Engage with the friendly local vendors, hear their stories, and immerse yourself in the lively chatter of a market echoing with centuries of trade.

Vitthala Temple:  Listen to the echoes of history as you explore the stone chariot and musical pillars, imagining the tunes that once filled this divine space.

 Hemakuta Hill Temples: Share a moment of tranquility with fellow travelers atop the hill, absorbing the beauty of the landscape and the whispers of the past.

Elephant Stables:  Envision the majestic elephants that once inhabited these stables, and feel the connection to the royal life of Vijayanagara's heyday.

Achyutaraya Temple:  Capture the essence of devotion as you witness prayers and rituals, connecting with the spirituality that envelops this sacred temple.

Lotus Mahal: Imagine the royalty that once walked the corridors of the Lotus Mahal, and feel the breeze of history in its unique blend of architectural styles.

Matanga Hill:  Share the joy of conquering the hill's summit with fellow hikers, and witness a breathtaking sunrise or sunset together.

Sanapur Lake:  Enjoy a coracle ride with locals, sharing laughter and stories as you navigate the tranquil waters surrounded by ancient boulders.

Queen's Bath:  Visualize the opulence of the past while exploring the Queen's Bath, and let the whispers of history resonate in your imagination.

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