10 Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel 

Budapest, Hungary: Explore the stunning architecture, thermal baths, and vibrant nightlife of this Eastern European gem. 

Lisbon, Portugal: Experience the charm of cobblestone streets, historic neighborhoods, and delicious local cuisine.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Immerse yourself in the bustling street markets, rich culture, and delectable street food.

Krakow, Poland: Discover the history and culture of this medieval city, including its impressive castles and museums.

Bali, Indonesia: Enjoy affordable accommodations, breathtaking beaches, and a unique blend of culture and relaxation.

Mexico City, Mexico: Dive into a world of art, history, and culinary delights in this vibrant capital city.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Experience the blend of ancient ruins and modern city life in this budget-friendly destination.

La Paz, Bolivia: Explore the stunning landscapes, colorful markets, and unique cultural experiences of this South American city.

Siem Reap, Cambodia: Visit the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temples and experience the warmth of Cambodian hospitality.

Marrakech, Morocco: Get lost in the vibrant souks, taste flavorful cuisine, and experience the rich traditions of this North African gem.

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